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March 2022

The Appreciation Blog is an opportunity for ABA employees to express their appreciation to fellow colleagues for the small or helpful deeds that would otherwise go unnoticed.

To: Police Department Active Shooter Team (3/21/2022)
The PD did an amazing job today as hosts for the Active Shooter Training! We had over 60 officers here and planned four different scenarios. You all even included the CSOs! Sgt. Mayes did an incredible job acting as point for our campus and we are lucky that you are all working hard to keep us safe! THANK YOU! Natalya Sysa Frances Palu Margo Hwang Lt. Christina Lofthouse Lt. Harvey Woo Sgt. Orrlando Mayes Chief Madison ~Chela Cholula

To: Procurement & Contract Services (3/21/2022)
I just wanted to thank your entire team for all of their hard work and dedication. You guys are wonderful and are always professional and so efficient when you help us. Thank you so much, we appreciate you. ~Sagan Bachtold

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