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October 2017

The Appreciation Blog is an opportunity for ABA employees to express their appreciation to fellow colleagues for the small or helpful deeds that would otherwise go unnoticed.

To: Mike Hendren (10/18/2017)
Thank you for all of the extra's that you voluntarily do to make our campus and community better places to work and live! -Sarah Raczkowski

To: Edelsa Corpuz (10/17/2017)
I would like to thank Edelsa Corpuz for assisting the START committee with putting fliers with the pay stubs in order to promote the Appreciation Blog. -Jessica Bush

To: Tyler Carpauds (10/17/2017)
Thank you Tyler for facilitating the receipt of the university's check stock. I truly appreciate your help and positive attitude. -Yavette Hayward

To: Don Nahhas (10/11/2017)
I appreciate all of Don's hard work and dedication to helping all of us in EHS set up purchase orders and track invoices so that we can stay within the budgetary limits. The spreadsheets that he has set up are easy to access and interpret. -Bob Hitomi

To: Lauren Garrett (10/3/2017)
Lauren, thank you very much for updating the various financial pro formas with the prior year financial data. Also, thank you for creating the Funds Matrix. This matrix will be very useful in determining the appropriate funding source for our various construction projects. I truly appreciate all your hard work and effort! -Stacy Hayano

To: Andrew Stiffler (10/3/2017)
Thank you for a tremendous job transforming the ABA websites! You did a great job managing the large project and meeting the needs of the ABA families. -chohan

To: Yavette (10/3/2017)
Welcome to the Admin Services team! We appreciate your addition and look forward to all the great ideas and improvements you will offer to support ABA. -Elisa Chohan

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