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October 2018

The Appreciation Blog is an opportunity for ABA employees to express their appreciation to fellow colleagues for the small or helpful deeds that would otherwise go unnoticed.

To: Jeannie Swafford (10/25/2018)
Thank you very much for all the many things you do to support the VP's Office and me! You are very good at keeping me organized and providing me with all the pertinent documents. You are great at greeting our guests and making them feel so welcomed. Also, thank you for all your help in making the ABA All Staff Professionals meeting a success. I truly appreciate all the work you do for our office and the division! -Stacy Hayano

To: Frances Palu (10/25/2018)
Thank you so very much for all the support you provide to the VP's Office and me! I appreciate your help with all the SacSends, verifying invoices, and the many other things you do. I also thank you for helping to put together the ABA All Professionals meeting. You did a great job ordering and facilitating the catering for the group. Everyone enjoyed the treats. Thanks again for all you do! -Stacy Hayano

To: Margaret Hwang (10/25/2018)
Thank you so much for all you do for the VP's Office. You did a wonderful job on creating "Are you smarter than a 5th grader - ABA edition" game for our All Staff Professional meeting. Everyone loved it and you are an excellent game show host! Thank you for making these meetings enjoyable and engaging for our divisional colleagues. You truly help to make are division a wonderful place to be. Thanks again! -Stacy Hayano

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