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February 2018

The Appreciation Blog is an opportunity for ABA employees to express their appreciation to fellow colleagues for the small or helpful deeds that would otherwise go unnoticed.

To: Michael Hendren (2/26/2018)
I've heard great things about Michael. How he goes over and beyond and is an overall great employee. I witnessed Michael cleaning out the women's bathroom in Sacramento Hall and carrying out a toilet...a physical toilet!!!! I think there was a sewage issue and he was here to fix it!!!! I appreciate Michael for fixing the dirty problem...I offered to help but he already his team working on the issue(s). Thanks, Michael! -Frances Palu

To: Nancy McCarthy (2/26/2018)
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Nancy McCarthy for going above and beyond her way in helping me to create a CFS Query that would make my Interest Allocation Distribution more efficient. After just mentioning to her that I want to streamline the process, she listened, looked into the queries that I currently use and designed a new query even though this doesn't pertain to her duties. The new query will eliminate manual lookups done before and will identify the missing piece.#expertstatus -Irina Skiba

To: Matt Mason (2/8/2018)
Matt was highly recommended to me when I begun my journey in procuring a golf cart for my department. He was so helpful in setting me in the right direction with a vendor and gave me tips. Then, once the whole deal was done and the cart was delivered, he came out, with minutes notice, to run through the entire cart with me! He showed me how to use it and store it etc. It was truly a great experience! Thank you Matt! -Elisa Chohan

To: Chris Marolla (2/8/2018)
I recently procured a golf cart and have to say the process from procurement through delivery was so easy and thorough. I received a call from Chris that the cart came into Central Receiving and he invited me down to check it out. It was like I was driving a fancy car off the lot because Chris and his team made sure I looked everything over, gave me an opportunity to ask questions and provided excellent customer service. I don't have to do a thing now, but use my cart! Thanks! -Elisa Chohan

To: Jeanne Swafford (2/8/2018)
Jeanne went above and beyond for me this morning with a request to check on the status of a room reservation.The calendar showed it was booked. However, Jeanne had a hunch that the room was not actually being occupied, so she called two different people to confirm her hunch and guess what, she was right! I could go in 15 minutes before my meeting and be super prepared! Thank you Jeanne! -Elisa Chohan

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