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April 2018

The Appreciation Blog is an opportunity for ABA employees to express their appreciation to fellow colleagues for the small or helpful deeds that would otherwise go unnoticed.

To: Lauren Garrett (4/25/2018)
I always call Lauren a machine, because she cranks out work like no one else. But the truth is, she is great person who cares about her work and supports everyone around her. -Norman Kwong

To: Diana Lynch (4/25/2018)
Diana is the newest person in our department, but she learns fast and volunteers for everything. With these kinds of qualities, she is going to go far. -Norman Kwong

To: Ademidun Adejobi (4/25/2018)
Midun has a great attitude, I have never seen her get upset and she does everything with a smile. She adds sunshine to our department and is game for anything. -Norman Kwong

To: Charles Eyster (4/25/2018)
Charlie is a great listener. I always bounce my ideas off of him, and he is never too busy to listen. Also he is great documenting things, which is my kryptonite, we work great as a team. -Norman Kwong

To: Arsen Stepanyan (4/25/2018)
Arsen has a great attitude, he never gets mad and is always pleasant to be around. I wish I could be more like him. -Norman Kwong

To: Stacy Hayano (4/25/2018)
The other day we were talking about how much work Stacy has to do, since she is constantly going to meetings and conferences. The awesome thing is she never mentions it, she always finds time to listen my random comments with a smile even though we interrupt her constantly :) -Norman Kwong

To: Arsen Stepanyan (4/24/2018)
Thank you for processing all the HR manual adjustments these past couple of months. You have been inundated with almost 250 in February and over 170 in March. It has made your month-end processing difficult when trying to meet the deadlines. I appreciate your hard work and effort to get them completed prior to each month end close! -Stacy Hayano

To: Lauren Garrett (4/24/2018)
Thank you for all your testing and validation of CMS for the CS 9.2 Split. You had to do multiple testing of the instances for both before and after the split (before Go Live). I appreciate your dedication to this project by conducting the testing over the weekend prior to Go Live. Thank you for all your hard work to ensure the Human Resources module was in good shape during this transition! -Stacy Hayano

To: Ademidun Adejobi (4/24/2018)
Thank you very much for all your hard work and effort to set up the Annual Report for Budget, Expenditures, and Financial Information for publication onto the web. You did a great job of creating the table of contents, converting the documents into PDFs, creating the chapters, and page numbering the entire document. All your work is truly appreciated! -Stacy Hayano

To: Charlie Eyster (4/24/2018)
Thank you so very much for all your efforts to convert the Delegation of Authority module from CFS to CMS. You worked collaboratively with IRT to get all the necessary data into DART so that it can be easily retrieved. You also work with folks across campus to get the authority into the system appropriately and timely. I so do appreciate all your hard work to complete and implement this project! -Stacy Hayano

To: Lauren Garrett (4/24/2018)
It has been very busy these past few months and I thank you for all the work you did with the Annual Report for Budget, Expenditures, and Financial Information. You had a lot going with CS 9.2 split in addition to preparing the report documents. My heartfelt appreciation to your dedication and hard work towards both of these projects! -Stacy Hayano

To: Diana Lynch (4/24/2018)
Thank you for all your work on the divisional projections for the Operating Fund. You came on board in mid-February but hit the ground running. You have learned to extract the information from the Finance Data Warehouse and make the revenue and expenditure projections. You have excellent EXCEL skills, which made you a quick study. Thank you for all your work with this project, it is much appreciated! -Stacy Hayano

To: Norman Kwong (4/24/2018)
Thank you so very much for all your work on the CFS MP 3.0 implementation. You performed and coordinated the effort of testing, validating of the data, reviewing the queries, and ensuring all was complete by the Chancellor's Office timeline. This project was in addition to creating the documents for the Annual Budget Call. You had your hands full but managed to do both projects successfully! Thank you for your dedication and commitment. I truly appreciate all you do for the Budget Office! -Stacy Hayano

To: Kristy Lee (4/18/2018)
Kristy is such a sweet and helpful person! I was having issues with my travel reqs and Kristy helped guide me through what I needed to in order to fix it, including some very helpful step by step procedures that should be included in the help guide! Her patience and guidance helped me recognize and fix the issues that needed to be fixed. Now I am all set to travel. Thank you Kristy! -Janie Mutchler

To: Priscilla Llamas-McKaughan (4/18/2018)
Priscilla has consistently been the first to volunteer when coverage assistance is needed in the VP/CFO Office. She is also very observant if one staff member is covering the office and may require a break. Thank you Priscilla for being a great team player! -Margaret Hwang

To: Andrew Stiffler (4/18/2018)
Thank you to Andrew who has been very accommodating when asked to help cover the VP/CFO Office when our staff are out of the office. Your willingness to help is appreciated! -Margaret Hwang

To: Ademidun Adejobi (4/18/2018)
Thank you to Ademidun who was willing to help cover the VP/CFO Office when our team was out of the office. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! -Margaret Hwang

To: Janie Mutchler (4/5/2018)
Janie has been a great help to me the last couple of days. We have been selected to attend a training conference in May. I injured my back and elbow and she offered to make the travel arrangements, (flights and lodging) for the both of us. She also completed our travel justifications as well. This is way above and beyond what I expected. She also brought me ice packs for my elbow. Janie, thank you for all of your assistance with my travel as well as you involvement with Josh's Heart. -Don Nahhas

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